Announcing Blood & Betrayal Chronicle Vampire the Masquerade at HLGCon!

Last week, it was our pleasure to tell the world about the launch of a new LARP social club, the Winding Path Initiative, and announce our collaboration with By Night Studios in joining the Blood and Betrayal Chronicle. This week, we have another exciting partnership to tell you about:

The Winding Path Initiative is thrilled to announce we will be showcasing Vampire the Masquerade at HLGCon as part of the By Night Studios Blood & Betrayal Chronicle, October 12–14, at the Showboat Atlantic City. You do not need to be a current WPI or B&B player to play; we’re excited to share our world with you.

HLGCon from High Level Games is quickly becoming the place to be this fall: six LARP studios are presenting Blockbuster events during the convention, along with board and card gaming, and plenty of vendors to visit. Come join us for a weekend of gaming and roleplay you won’t soon forget, with rooms as low as $80 a night. Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for more details in the coming weeks about our events at HLGCon, or sign up for our announcement mailing list.