Current WPI Games

Culpeper, VA: Shattered Dreams

Culpeper, VA is running Masquerade games on 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings. Email their storyteller, Chris Ridings.

MD: Charm City

Our Maryland chapter runs Changeling the Dreaming Larps on 3rd Saturdays
Maryland game is on Hiatus until july.

Muncie, IN: The Gravest Spectacle

Muncie is currently forming their new Masquerade game. Join their Facebook group to keep track of upcoming events.

New York, NY: Pyrrhic Awakening

New York is in the process of starting a game, with Marshall Crutchfield as its storyteller. Join their Facebook group to be up to date on game details.

NJ: City of Providence

Our Philly Chapter’s Masquerade game runs in NJ on 2nd Saturdays, and is set in Pittsburgh, PA. The storytellers are Jacob, Elli, and Winter.

Philadelphia, PA: Brotherly Love Sabbat

Our Philly Chapter’s Troupe Masquerade Sabbat game runs in New Jersey on 1st Saturdays, and is set in Philadelphia, PA.