What is Winding Path Initiative?

The Winding Path Initiative is a Live Action Role-Play Social Club. Our goal is to promote and support the Parlor LARP hobby by providing LARP groups the support network to run high quality, immersive Parlor LARP games, as part of a friendly and welcoming community of players and storytellers. WPI Members “Play to Lift”: to lift up their fellow members; to support and improve their LARP community; to develop, promote, and lift their hobby.

WPI’s goal is simple: promoting the Parlor LARP style of gaming. By promoting multiple genres of LARPs, and supporting a network of Chapters able to run numerous different types of LARPs, we hope to both expand and unite the Parlor LARPing community. WPI aims to provide WPI Chapters with the support they need to network with the larger LARP community, while leaving them the autonomy they need in order to best run their games.

WPI is currently running a Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, with other chronicles in the works, including the upcoming open beta of Huldufólk.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Winding Path Initiative works, see our structure explanation.