Volunteer XP

Rather than static or semi-static membership ranks, WPI uses a Volunteer XP System. Volunteers may earn any amount of Volunteer XP per month, but a given character can only ever have 120% of the current chronicle XP total.  Once Volunteer XP is applied to a character, it stays with that character. Volunteer XP not added to a character can be used on future characters.

You earn Volunteer XP when you provide assistance to the Club, the Chapter, or the game.  These are just some ways to earn Volunteer XP:

Be a Primary StorytellerUp to 10 XP a session/month
Be a Storyteller AssistantUp to 10 XP a session/month
Be an NPC or NarratorUp to 5 XP a session/month
Providing Transportation1 XP per hour (rounded up) per person that isn’t a spouse
Recruiting a New Player5 XP per person after they attend 2 games
Set up/Clean Up2 XP per hour
Providing a Game SiteVariable 
Providing Props/Refreshments2 XP per $10

Other Assistance provides Volunteer XP at 2 XP per hour or 2 XP per $10 donation.  Donations cannot be direct donations to a Chapter’s finances.

Each player is responsible for keeping track of their own XP.  To confirm that XP has been earned, please email your Chapter Owner.