Getting Started

You don’t need a lot of preparation before hand before joining a game with WPI. A loose concept of a type of character you might want to play and a readiness to immerse yourself in the stories we’re going to create together. The Storyteller or their assistants for the game you are joining will often be glad to help you flesh out your character and guide you through the basics of the rules and setting or guide you to resources on them if you prefer self study or to dive deep on your own and bring questions.

Don’t worry too much about getting your character set up perfectly from the onset. You will generally be allowed some grace to make some changes after attending your first few games and having some hands on experience with the game.

Costumes: costumes can greatly enhance the immersion and enjoyment you’ll have but you don’t need to break the bank getting your costume together. A costume can be as simple as wearing the same outfit when you’re representing your character so folks know who you are at a glance. Wear what is comfortable and to your ability invokes the idea of your character and you can over time add little touches and flourishes to deepen the connection.

If there are specific questions you have you can join our discord and ask or if you prefer you can leave a question here: and we’ll try to update this with specific questions that come up if they’d be helpful to more then one person.