Forming a New Chapter

Looking to form a new WPI Chapter?

Make sure you’ve read through how a WPI chapter works. If you’re interested in starting a game but have more questions about how to get started, feel free to Contact Us. When you’re ready to make a new chapter, please fill out this form. Our Club Manager will contact you to start the process.


A group interested in becoming a WPI Chapter applies to the Club Manager using the form at the bottom of this page. We collect information on the group and the Club Manager will contact the Chapter officers to start the process.

Appointment and Founding

Once the Club Manager has discussed the Chapter structure and the Chapter’s plans with the Chapter members, the Board will approve the new Chapter and appoint a Chapter Owner. See the Chapters page for Chapter Owner requirements.

The Club Manager will work with the Chapter Owner to determine an appropriate probationary period for the Chapter. Towards the end of the probationary period, the Board will arrange for a WPI Officer to visit your Chapter’s games, and the Club Manager will discuss any areas of improvement needed to complete the Chapter’s permanent approval.

Ongoing Requirements

After each game, the Chapter will need to provide an attendance list to the WPI Board of Directors. Each Quarter, the WPI Finance Officer will work with the Chapter to handle payment of membership fees to WPI. See the Game Support Types page to see what kinds of game support WPI offers and the associated attendance fees.

WPI Chapter Application

If you would like to discuss forming a new WPI Chapter, please fill out the form below. Please answer it as completely as you can, and include any initial questions you have for the WPI Club Manager.

If you’re not ready to commit to starting a Chapter and just want to discuss the path forward, that’s OK! Just let us know what stage you’re at and we’ll walk you through it. We’re looking forward to playing with you!