Winding Path Initiative Social Media Policy

Revision 1.0. Ratified 06/11/2018. PDF

The gaming community doesn’t stop at the end of an event; we must be mindful of the impact of social media on our community and how we interact with it.

Winding Path Initiative will not tolerate harassment in any form, social media included.

WPI encourages its members to provide constructive feedback of WPI policies, officers, and events using club channels. Be mindful of the subjects of your critiques; criticism of individuals is discouraged. Criticism used as a cover for harassment will be treated as harassment.

Behavior or speech on social media may be considered as relevant evidence in investigations.

WPI recognizes that a member’s social media is not under the control of the organization; it is their platform, to be used as they decide. If a member’s social media presence negatively impacts the community or the safety of our members, it becomes our business.