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Chronicle: “Freedom is never given; it is won.” – A. Philip Randolph
Concept: The Anarchs won?! …WUT?!?!
Location: Open
Lead Storyteller: Jeremy White
AST Staff: Peter Fitzpatrick, Kiersten Bell

The Story So Far:

In hindsight it all seems very obvious, I suppose most things do. They came from
nowhere, more powerful than anyone would have imagined. We’d all seen them as the
dregs of society, too few to bother, too disorganized to care. Then suddenly Justicars
were dead, Seraph were in hiding, and the Anarchs were walking the streets as if they
owned them. I knew it was over when we lost Karsh, unfortunately it wasn’t until then
that we realized what the Movement had become, or how much danger we were
actually in
.” – Hardestat from an undisclosed prison locale.

In the wake of “the sarcophagus that shall not be named” and ensuing events, the
Sabbat went wild with the massive slap in the face to their religious zealotry and openly
declared world wide Crusade on the Camarilla. This should have been in the
Camarilla’s favor, but the Elders were too busy doing damage control while spinning the
awakening of the Antediluvians, who until this they had insisted didn’t exist and waging
cold wars against each other. They were completely under prepared for the coordinated
Crusade Temoch “The Jackal” was able to direct and as a result were caught with their
proverbial pants down.

As the “War to End All Wars” began, a new name rose to prominence in the Anarch
Movement, and that name was Danton. Little was known of his origin, it was believed he
was Brujah, that he was located somewhere in London, and that he was likely very old.
What was known about the man is that he was an Anarch, through and through. It
wasn’t the “legend” of the man that drew people to him though, it was the results.
Danton, leading his gang Ex Sanguine, had barely been in the “limelight” for what
seemed more than a minute and he was already credited with the deaths of an
Archbishop and an Archon. As he continued to put marks in the “win” column, more and
more began to follow, and Danton met those followers with protection, guidance, safe
houses, weapons, and most importantly organization.

Every rebellion we ever stood on the front lines of started with two words. Never again.

  • Jeremy MacNeil, current whereabouts unknown.
    The Anarchs began playing both sides of the war, stepping in for the seemingly silent
    Inconnu. In one city they’d walk the Sabbat into a death trap and in another they’d lead
    the Camarilla to their Firey ends. Seldom did they get their hands dirty themselves, but

when they did, it was quick, efficient, and no one saw it coming. Long gone were the
nights of the one off Brujah or Gangrel all ampt’d up, getting a lucky blow in, then dying
mid monologue. In its place was a well organized military arm applying multiple tactics
to disarm and destroy their enemies.

All three sides approached the Independent Alliance still comprised of the Giovanni, the
Setties, and the Assamites. But the IA placed their bets on all three annihilating each
other and politely declined all of them. They were just as surprised as everyone else
when the end came. The IA did lend their considerable influence towards keeping the
masquerade while maintaining a healthy distance from the battles that caused the need
for their assistance.

In point of fact, the IA weren’t the only ones who lent their assistance to keeping the
masquerade by the end. With tidal wave after tidal wave of Sabbat shovel heads
rampaging through the streets of Camarilla held domains, and the Elders responding
with near uncontrolled god like power, even the minions of the mighty Ivory Tower had
trouble keeping the human populace ignorant to the existence of the supernatural. The
Camailla, the Anarchs, and the IA pooled resources to keep the Masquerade intact. Bet
when even their combined effort proved to fall short, other supernatural’s lent their
influence to keep the war out of the eyes of the majority of humanity. After all, if vampires
were real, it wasn’t too far to see Werewolves and Fair Folk as real as well.

In the end, kindred were primarily kept out of the eyes of the public, but not all. The
governments of the world had seen, and they weren’t going to unsee. Secret agencies
were established world wide to study and develop ways to deal with this “new threat”.

Clan Note: Having been brought back together by unknown forces, the Nosferatu
became the sole information network for the Anarch Movement pulling intel from the
Sabbat and the Camarilla alike. It is rumored even the former Nosferatu Justicar turned
on the Tower, feeding vital intel to the Anarchs, though no one understands how the
Anarchs managed this.

Told ya!” – Jeanette Voerman, Sana Monica, CA

Things really started to go downhill when Elders, long having been pillars of the Ivory
Tower, began to walk away and join the Movement. Some seeing the light of what the
Anarchs were saying, some simply seeing which way the war was going and not
wanting to wait until it was obvious they were abandoning a sinking ship.

The war lasted 10 years, during which the Sabbat was all but decimated, the remnants
believed pushed back to Mexico save the random nomadic pack. The Camarilla was
relegated to several major cities in which they still held consolidated power, and the
Anarchs had declared an unquestionable victory. Though no one seemed to be able to
tell you how that happened, least of all the Anarchs.

Three months after the Anarch Movement declared global victory over the Camarilla
and the Sabbat, Danton called a summit of those that had become the regional leaders
of The Movement during the war in London. His gang, Ex Sanguine, stood behind him
as he addressed the assembled masses.

“When the tenants of the Anarch Movement were threatened with extinction, I came.
When you asked me to guide you with both the Monsters and the Elders warring
through you as though you did not exist, I gave you this guidance. When you asked that
I lead you through the coming war, that the Movement may not only survive the coming
nights, but thrive in what followed, this too I gave you. You asked me to be your warlord,
and I rose to give exactly what you asked of me. Now many of those in this very room
have asked that I lead you, now that you have seen victory. I rose to be your warlord, as
you asked, but a warlord you no longer need, and our kind do not change who we are.
Not overday. I cannot lead you into this age of peace. You must learn to govern
yourselves, or you will simply fall under the weight of what you have elected to become.
I leave you with this, if I did not believe in you and your tenants, I would have never
come in the first place. Be good to each other, but also be firm, that you do not simply
become that which you have conquered. Most importantly, be true to who you are. I’ll be

With that, Danton and his gang disappeared and haven’t been heard from since. That
was a year ago, and The Movement is barely hanging on in their absence. All eyes
have fallen to the regional leaders, Danton’s Lieutenants, to usher in this new era of
peace and prosperity. The dreams of a world no longer ruled by Elders and Monsters is
just within reach, they just have to take it. Can they?

We would like to welcome one and all to the new WPI Chronicle scheduled to kick off in
2025! We’ll be putting out a lot of new setting documents over the next couple of
months, which will include some rules adjustments for the new setting, as well as flavor
for you to build into. Please give us just a little time to fill in some of the blanks for the
chron, we will open up to all questions as soon as we’re able!

Just to note, while we’re World Building a Chronicle with the hopes that down the road
other chapters will emerge and want to join in the fun, we will have a local game that will
be set in Philadelphia. Be ready to see information coming about that soon as well!
We’re excited to kick this off and to see where it goes, I hope you’ll all join us in that
excitement then come out and make it happen with us!

Jeremy White
Lead Storyteller – Anarch
Club Manager