Vampire the Masquerade

WPI is running a Camarilla / Anarch focused Vampire the Masquerade chronicle. Our chronicle uses the BNS MET Rules, and includes the new Volume II Issue 1 supplement. You can get more detail here.

Huldufólk: The Hidden People

Huldufólk is a completely new Parlor Larp being written by WPI members, where the players take the role of a magical hidden people who influences the world on behalf of the Angels or Demons they serve. It is an urban fantasy game, focused on narrative yet competitive gameplay, where characters compete for control while still being able to work with each other towards the greater good. The entire Huldufólk system and setting is available on the game website. We’ve run Huldufólk playtests at three conventions, and are working on creating a playtest packet for local groups to try and form a Chronicle within WPI. If you’re interested in starting a game when Huldufólk is ready, Contact Us about Forming a Game.