WPI Games Restarting August 2021

Imagine a world where COVID was no longer a constant and inescapable nightmare, where the myriad frustrations and pains of the last few years were forgotten and we could all live happily.

Unfortunately, we here at WPI can’t make that happen.

The good news is that we can make some things happen!

Now that the CDC has indicated indoor, unmasked, vaccinated gatherings are safe, we’re ready to resume our wonderful worlds of LARP. While the last eighteen months have brought much of the gaming world to a grinding halt, we’re ready to get out there and get back in gear. While each Chapter will be announcing their new schedule, we are pleased to say that WPI is officially supporting live games as of 1 August, 2021. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be contacting Chapter Owners and Storytellers to help build continuity and get their games up and running as fast as we can.

One silver lining of the pandemic is the abundance of folk ready to try new social hobbies, please take advantage of this time to invite new players, to spread the word about WPI, and to encourage chapters and games to start in your local area.

We’ll make more announcements soon, but for now we just want to say how thrilled we are to get back to gaming. The world may not be perfect in the near future, but we’ll have the chance to invent new worlds together very soon.

Your friends,
The WPI Board of Directors

Joseph Perry
Brotherly Love: Head ST
WPI Corporate Liaison