Safety Advocate

The role of a Safety Advocate is to attend events the chapter holds and help to create and maintain a safe and fun environment for the organization’s members in attendance. The Safety Advocate will work in concert with the Chapter Owner and will report directly to the Club Manager. This position will give members of the chapter someone to go to if they feel for any reason that they can’t take an issue to the Chapter Owner, or have issue with the Chapter Owner themselves. Additionally they will be responsible for face to face talks with members who are causing problems, mediation between members who feel they can’t settle a dispute between them, and supporting the Chapter Owner in problem areas when needed. 

Requirements to be Considered:

  • Attended at least 10 events
  • Nominated by at least 3 chapter members
  • Feedback requested from Chapter Owner
  • Input invited from the community

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Act as first-level point-of-contact for safety and security issues.
  • Promote a safe, healthy, respectful gaming environment.
  • Escalate issues as appropriate to either Chapter Owners, club officers, or the Club Manager.

Specific Authorities:

  • Act as mediator, when needed, for issues between chapter members.
  • Should it be necessary, remove problematic members from chapter events.
  • Put forward requests for investigations directly to the Club Manager. 
  • Report all issues to the Club Manager. 

Approval Process:

  • Applicant collects signatures and optional testimonials from at least 3 other players.
  • Applicant submits an application to the Club Manager.
  • Club Manager reviews application, contacts nominators and verifies. 

To Apply: