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Chronicle: “Freedom is never given; it is won.” – A. Philip RandolphConcept: The Anarchs won?! …WUT?!?!Location: OpenLead Storyteller: Jeremy WhiteAST Staff: Peter Fitzpatrick, Kiersten Bell The Story So Far: “In hindsight it all seems very obvious, I suppose most things […]

How to get started?

A couple of folks have asked about a how to get started guide but to the most part its just reach out to the storyteller for the game you’re going to play in and coordinate with them. However we made […]

Happy April

Happy April! Thanks to folks who visited our social for the philly area folks. Spring is a time of renewal and looking forward and as we have some stories winding down we’d like to hear from folks about what they’re […]

Happy 2024!

Hi everyone! Congratulations on making it to 2024. What are you hoping for this year? We’re looking forward to seeing the conclusion of one of our games and seeing what new stories get spun up. I hear rumors that one […]

I Danced with the Devil

The world is ending. You should know – ending it has been your job for a long time now. You’ve got some competition, but you’ll be damned if some poseurs with a dime store armageddon are going to ruin your […]

I Killed the Plaguesmith

“The Plaguesmith, first and most terrible servant of the Celestial Empress, lies dead. Where countless people have failed for millennia, someone finally succeeded. Now, someone has to take the blame.” A murder mystery LARP with a sci-fi twist. The public […]

Pax Unplugged 2023

We’ve got a couple of games planned for Pax Unplugged this year. I danced with the devil at 1pm-5pm and at 7pm-11pm on saturday Dec 2nd in room 110 and I Killed the Plaguesmith friday december 1st at 7pm-11pm in […]

2023 Annual meeting 11/27 8pm

The WPI annual meeting will take place on the “annual-meeting” voice channel on the WPI Discord Server on Monday, November 27th, 2023 at 8pm Eastern Time.

Safety Advocate

The role of a Safety Advocate is to attend events the chapter holds and help to create and maintain a safe and fun environment for the organization’s members in attendance. The Safety Advocate will work in concert with the Chapter […]