WPI Masquerade Chronicle Guide

What to expect in the WPI Masquerade chronicle

In WPI, your local game is your most important game. While travel is an important part of making a shared chronicle successful, the core focus of every WPI chapter is its local game and local players. The chronicle exists to support your local games, and provide a framework for the world as a whole.

Masquerade in the WPI universe is a competitive LARP using the By Night Studios, Mind’s Eye Theatre – Vampire: the Masquerade setting. Our timeline has been advanced to 2019, to reflect the start of our chronicle. During the years since the original book has been released, the Anarchs and Sabbat have started a shadow war against the Camarilla, fighting them clandestinely all across Europe. In the Americas, all three Sects deny this war is happening.

The closest historical comparison to the state of the Camarilla is the fall of the Roman Empire. The Camarilla is the most powerful Sect, but they simply do not have the numbers to enforce their rule as much as they claim. Archons are incredibly rare, and most of the night to night power is held by the Princes and Barons.

Chronicle Timeline

The Chronicle Timeline (including PC additions) is hosted on the WPI wiki

Mechanical Notes

The WPI Chronicle uses the BNS Mind’s Eye Theater Vampire the Masquerade core book, with the additions and updates from the new Volume 2 Issue 1 Supplement. The chronicle uses all official errata and rules FAQs, with no further changes or clarifications at this time.

Experience Points

All characters will start with 70 XP past character creation (100 XP Total), and players will gain further Earned XP according to the chart found on page 349 of the BNS Masquerade core rulebook, on the first of the month. A player bringing a new character in, or a new player coming in will also have the same amount of XP for their new characters. This XP is known as “floor” XP.

Rather than static or semi-static membership ranks, WPI uses a Volunteer XP System. While there are more details available in our Volunteer XP Guide, the key point is that Volunteers may earn any amount of XP per month, but a given character can only ever have 120% of the current chronicle XP total. In other words, if the Chronicle XP total is currently 100XP, a character can apply 20 Volunteer XP for a total of 120. The next month, if the total goes to 110, the character can have 132 XP. See the Masq XP Chart for easy reference.


Alt-ID: You must have a valid reason to begin investigating another player’s AltID-  Both your storyteller and the other player’s storyteller are the final arbiters of if you are allowed to spend downtimes in this fashion. If you do not have both storytellers consent, you may not spend downtimes investigating an AltID.

Discipline Classifications

A Common Discipline you may purchase with your storyteller’s permission. There are no limitations on these disciplines, and can be taught by a PC or NPC teacher. They cost 1 downtime to learn, and 1 willpower to teach.
An Uncommon Discipline you may purchase with storyteller’s permission. We recommend Storyteller’s monitor the total number of Out of Clan Uncommons their PCs learn, but there is no hard restriction on them, and they can be taught by a PC or NPC teacher. They cost 2 downtimes to learn, and 2 willpower to teach.
A Rare Discipline you may purchase with storyteller’s permission. You may only learn 1 of these when you need a teacher to learn them, and can be taught by a PC or NPC teacher.They cost 2 downtimes to learn, and 2 willpower to teach.
A Restricted Discipline is treated like a Rare Discipline except it can only be purchased from a PC, or from an NPC during a plot published or approved by the Chronicle Manager’s office. These kinds of plots will be few and far between. PCs may still teach these if they are able to. This means you may only have 1 Out-of-Clan Rare or Restricted Discipline.
Learning Disciplines with Diablerie: The WPI Masquerade Chronicle includes the Sabbat Diablerie rules from the Sabbat section of the BNS book, allowing PCs to learn disciplines via diablerie. Note disciplines learned this way still follow all of the restrictions and requirements outlined above.

Common DisciplinesUncommon DisciplinesRare DisciplinesRestricted Disciplines


Infernal Power: Purchasing or being granted this Merit makes Daimonion a Common discipline for you. You still may not teach it unless you are normally able to do so.
Morality Merits: do not cost Merit Points in the WPI chronicle, however all social penalties apply to them, per Sect.
Rarity Merits: In the WPI chronicle, rarity has been changed to reflect the current timeline and to simplify costs across all characters. The following chart will govern rarity cost for all Clans and specific bloodlines, regardless of character sect.

Masquerade Rarity costs

Assamite: Warrior (4) Assamite: Sorcerer (5) Assamite: Vizier (2) Warriors may not take Web of Knives Merit, without AltID 4+
Viziers are treated with suspicion in any Sect other than the Camarilla.
Brujah Brujah: True (5)   We strongly recommend that True Brujah purchase AltID 4+
Follower of Set (2) Follower of Set: Tlacique (4) Follower of Set: Viper (4)  
Gangrel Gangrel: Coyote (2) Gangrel: Noiad (2) Gangrel: Ahrimanes (4)
Giovanni (2) Giovanni: Premascine (4)    
Lasombra (2) Lasombra: Kiasyd (5)*    
Malkavian Malkavian: Knight of the Moon (2) Malkavian: Ananke (2)  
Toreador Toreador: Ishtarri (2) Toreador: Volgirre (2)  
Tremere Tremere: Telyav (2)   Non-Camarilla Tremere are exceptionally rare, and are often killed or removed from the public eye. For that reason, storytellers should generally discourage non-Camarilla Tremere concepts.
Tzimisce (5) Tzimisce: Carpathian (4) Tzimisce: Koldun (5) We strongly recommend that Tzimisce or Koldun purchase AltID 4+ 
Ventrue Ventrue: Crusader (2)    
Baali (5) Angellis Ater (5)   We strongly recommend that Baali of all types purchase AltID 4+
Cappadocian Cappadocian: Samedi (4) Cappadocian: Lamia (5) Must play a Samedi or Lamia
Ravnos (2) Ravnos: Brahman (4)    
Salubri: Warrior (5) Salubri: Healer (5)   We strongly recommend that all Salubri purchase AltID 4+
Daughter of Cacophony (4) Son of Discord (4)    
Gargoyle (4)      
  • 07/15/19: Kiasyd updated from 4 MP to 5 MP

Storyteller Notes

Chronicle Networking: See the Chronicle Networking Guide for details on networking and chronicle authority.

NPC Creation: Game Storytellers can create NPCs of any XP amount. In addition to Stock NPCs of other Supernatural types, STs can create fully sheeted non-Vampire Supernaturals while reskinning the Vampire or Apocalypse rules, but must make valid character sheets for either. Due to their rarity and power, creation of Methuselah Vampires requires tracking with Chronicle Manager.