Masquerade XP Chart

This is the XP Chart as discussed in the Masquerade Chronicle Guide. Note the end of the chart does not indicate the end of the chronicle — we will update the chart as the chron continues.

  • Creation XP: Every character has the starting 30 Creation XP per the BNS MET VtM Book
    • (Characters can optionally receive up to 7 extra Creation XP by taking up to 7 points of flaws. This is in addition to the XP listed below, as normal)
  • Earned XP starts at 140XP September 2021, increasing per the Graduated XP Rules in the BNS MET book (10XP per month up to 100 Earned XP; 8XP per month up to 200 Earned XP; 2XP less per month for every 100 Earned XP).
    • Unless noted differently by your local ST: all characters, whether brand new or existing, may automatically receive XP every month to match the available Earned XP that month. In September 2021 Characters have 140 Earned XP; in October they have 148 Earned XP, whether they’ve attended September’s game or not.
  • If players have earned Volunteer XP to spend, they may apply XP to their character up to 20% of the Total Chronicle XP. In September 2021 there is 170 Chronicle XP, so they can apply up to 34 Volunteer XP; in October 2021 there is 148 Chron XP, so they can apply 1 more, up to 35 Volunteer XP. Players can apply Volunteer XP at any time, so long as it does not exceed the maximum.
  • Total Possible XP: The total possible XP a character can have in that month of Chronicle, if they’ve fully applied their maximum earned Volunteer XP.

MonthCreation XPEarned XPTotal Chronicle XPMax Volunteer XPTotal Possible XP
September 20213014017034204
October 20213014817835213
November 20213015618637223
December 20213016419438232
January 20223017220240242
February 20223018021042252
March 20223018821843261
April 20223019622645271
May 20223020223246278
June 20223020823847285
July 20223021424448292
August 20223022025050300
September 20223022625651307
October 20223023226252314
November 20223023826853321
December 20223024427454328
January 20233025028056336
February 20233025628657343
March 20233026229258350
Apr 20233026829859357
May 20233027430460364
Jun 20233028031062372
July 20233028631663379
August 20233029232264386
Sep 20233029832865393
October 20233030433466400
November 20233030833867405
December 20233031234268410