Masquerade XP Chart

This is the XP Chart as discussed in the Masquerade Chronicle Guide. Note the end of the chart does not indicate the end of the chronicle — we will update the chart as the chron continues.

  • Creation XP: Every character has the starting 30 Creation XP per the BNS MET VtM Book
    • (Characters can optionally receive up to 7 extra Creation XP by taking up to 7 points of flaws. This is in addition to the XP listed below, as normal)
  • Earned XP starts at 70XP August 2019, increasing per the Graduated XP Rules in the BNS MET book (10XP per month up to 100 Earned XP; 8XP per month up to 200 Earned XP; 2XP less per month for every 100 Earned XP).
    • Unless noted differently by your local ST: all characters, whether brand new or existing, may automatically receive XP every month to match the available Earned XP that month. In August 2019 Characters have 70 Earned XP; in September they have 80 Earned XP, whether they’ve attended August’s game or not.
  • If players have Volunteer XP to spend, they may apply XP to their character up to 20% of the Total Chronicle XP. In August 2019 there is 100 Chronicle XP, so they can apply up to 20 Volunteer XP; in September 2019 there is 110 Chron XP, so they can apply 2 more, up to 22 Volunteer XP. Players can apply Volunteer XP at any time, so long as it does not exceed the maximum.
  • Total Possible XP: The total possible XP a character can have in that month of Chronicle, if they’ve fully applied their maximum Volunteer XP.
MonthCreation XPEarned XPTotal Chron XPMax Volunteer XP
(20% Total Chron XP)
Total Possible XP
Mar 20203013216232194
Apr 20203014017034204
May 20203014817835213
Jun 20203015618637223
Jul 20203016419438232
Aug 20203017220240242
Sep 20203018021042252
Oct 20203018821843261
Nov 20203019622645271
Dec 20203020423446280