Annual Meeting Monday November 18th on WPI Discord

Join the Winding Path Initiative for our Annual Meeting. When: Monday November 18th, 7:30PM EST Where: WPI’s Discord Server The annual meeting will take place on the “annual-meeting” voice channel on the WPI Discord server. At the Annual Meeting we […]

Updates to BNS Vampire Volume 2 Issue 1

By Night Studios has updated MET Vampire the Masquerade Volume 2 Issue 1. The updated PDF is available in your Storytellers Vault library if you’ve already purchased it. This update revises both the merits and techniques based on issues found […]

New Vampire the Masquerade group: New York!

We’re excited to announce a New York Masquerade game will be joining our Chronicle! “Pyrrhic Awakening” will be run by Storytelling veteran Marshall Crutchfield, well known for running exciting and dynamic Vampire the Masquerade Larps. If you’re interested in staying […]

WPI Wiki now available

The WPI Wiki is now available. Our wiki uses the same Mediawiki software as Wikipedia, and we’ve provided some easy templates for people to get started making pages for their characters and games. To log in, sign in or sign […]

WPI Masquerade Chronicle Starting July 2019

As part of our club’s mission to support and grow the Parlor Larp community, WPI has launched our Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle. July 2019 will be the start of historical games (allowing local games to establish their history), with the […]

Huldufólk Playtest at HLGCon, October 13th

If you’re coming to HLGCon (in Atlantic City, October 12-14th) join us for our playtest of Huldufólk: The Hidden People Saturday afternoon. Huldufólk is a new Urban Fantasy Live-Action Game rooted in Icelandic myth, with lightweight rules and an entirely original setting. See Huldufólk’s website […]

Announcing the Winding Path Initiative!

The Winding Path Initiative is a LARP Social Club focused on promoting and supporting Parlor LARPs. We have several club-wide chronicle games in development, along with support for Chapters in running Parlor LARPs in a variety of themes and genres. […]